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An easy guide to Ashwagandha

We like to say that ashwagandha brings balance. Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, here in the West we’re finally catching on to the physical, mental, stabilising and performance increasing capabilities of this ancient plant. Organic, natural, stress-busting goodness that can make your days and nights just that bit easier and more productive all round.

Sarah Carolides
What are the benefits of Ashwagandha?

Known as an adaptogen, ashwagandha works to stabilise and optimise the hormones that help us deal with stress - particularly cortisol. By interacting with the same receptors in the body that cortisol does, ashwagandha can regulate its effects around the body.

Sleep improves, energy increases, muscles strengthen, cognition is enhanced, hormones are balanced and even libido gets a boost.

What does the research say?
Ashwagandha is all about balance

Research has shown that ashwagandha possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, anti-oxidant, immunomodulatory, hematopoietic (building blood cells) and rejuvenating properties.

The extract used in Ashwagandha Zooki has been used in over 20 clinical trials which have shown significant benefits for improving stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, hormonal levels for both men and women, brain health and libido. Not too bad for a humble root that’s named after the smell of a horse.

How does Ashwagandha work?
Cortisol regulation

Ashwagandha has a direct effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) by interacting with exactly the same receptors as cortisol and corticosterone.

Calming neurotransmitters

It also decreases the release of glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter and increases the release of GABA, an inhibitory, calming neurotransmitter. 

What is the best way to take Ashwagandha?

As there are so many different benefits from ashwagandha, it’s important to have a full-spectrum extract such as "KSM-66" so that you take advantage of the widest range of bioactive compounds possible. The active compounds within Ashwagandha are also insoluble in water and hard for the body to absorb, so taking them with lipids like in Ashwagandha Zooki is a good way to ensure they make it into your system.

High strength
Full spectrum extract
Combined with lipids to increase absorption
Ready to drink
Great taste
No mess
Certified carbon negative
Do I need to take ashwagandha with black pepper?

Similar to turmeric supplements, some companies will add black pepper to Ashwagandha to increase efficacy. This works by switching off enzymes in the liver that remove ashwagandha from the body once it’s been absorbed.

However, these enzymes are also important for removing actual toxins from the body, so it’s often said that adding black pepper is not a good idea. A much better way to improve efficacy is to wrap the ashwagandha extract in lipids - increasing absorption of ashwagandha without the side effects.

Is ashwagandha suitable for everyone?

As Ashwagandha can have a large impact on many functions within the body, we always recommend consulting with a medical professional if pregnant, breastfeeding, on existing medication or on the oral contraceptive pill before including Ashwagandha in your daily routine.

Common contraindications of Ashwagandha include sedatives, diabetes medication, medication for high blood pressure, immuno-suppressants and thyroid medications.


Each sachet contains 500mg of KSM-66 full spectrum ashwagandha root extract.

Ashwagandha Zooki is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and contains zero artificial ingredients. To see the full list, scroll up to the top of the page and click the "Nutritional information" link placed just above the price of the product.

Ashwagandha, also known as Withania somnifera, is a medicinal herb widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. It's recognized for its adaptogenic properties, helping the body to manage stress. It also supports cognitive function, energy levels, overall wellbeing and much more!

We always recommend people who are pregnant or breastfeeding check with a medical professional before they take any new dietary supplement.

Ashwagandha Zooki is the world’s first ever liposomal KSM-66 ashwagandha. This means we have combined the standardised, full-spectrum nature of KSM-66 with our own unique liposomal delivery system to deliver a world’s first, top of the range Ashwagandha product - providing enhanced absorption and in turn, increased benefit from the root.

Ashwagandha Zooki is perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Ashwagandha Zooki is free from gluten, soy, dairy, alcohol and sugar.

Sarah Carolides
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