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New Super Strength Collagen

With 11,000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen per sachet, Super Strength Collagen Zooki has all the flavour and bioavailability of our classic Collagen Zooki, with 2.2x the strength

Great tasting nutrients, in effective doses, delivered in a way you'll actually absorb

Glowing skin, improved performance, naturally high energy levels, healthy joints - with Zooki, blasting through your health goals becomes a breeze.

Research driven

Each Zooki contains optimal amounts of different nutrients that have been scientificially proven to support your health & wellbeing

Optimised absorption

The Zooki range wraps nutrients in natural lipids to shield, protect and deliver the nutrients into your system so you actually feel the benefits

Juicy flavours

Each Zooki is infused with deliciously juicy natural fruit extracts for a mouth-watering taste that will leave you wanting more

*based on an independent consumer perception survey of 98 people who used Vitamin D Zooki for 4 weeks

carbon negative

We’re working to tread lightly as we grow as a business. In keeping with this, we've partnered with to offset our carbon footprint and bring Zooki carbon negative. We also provide a recycling rewards scheme where you earn rewards points for recycling your empty Zooki sachets.

Don't take our word for it
Ella C.

"This stuff is amazing. Since I've been taking it the skin on my entire body has changed and for the better. My skin is as soft as a baby's, its glowing and my fine lines have reduced significantly. People are actually commenting on how great my skin is. I'm really impressed."

Grainne G. on 4 Aug 2021
Carla R.

“Amazing fish oil. Bought this product for my son ( who is very fussy) and didn't tell him initially what it was - just said it was good for him..He loved it and when I told him it was fish oil he didn't believe me! Looking forward to trying the new flavours soon”

Shirley M. on 16 Jun 2018
Joe M. on18 June 2020

“Best vitamin C I’ve ever taken, amazing product that I’ll keep buying again.”

Helena R. on 14 May 2020

“Amazing. So delicious that I have to stop myself after one pouch. Seems to give instant energy boost! Whole family love it”

Anna K. on 19 Apr 2020

“5 stars - Highly recommend. I've tried a lot of supplements and highly recommend the Vitamin C. There was a noticeable change in my energy levels and I have so much more energy throughout the day. It also tastes amazing!”

Lisa on 21 Mar 2021
Tim H. on 23 Sep 2021

"I train quite a lot, (cycling, running, weight training), and I just don't seem to feel as fatigued, which allows me to get more out of my sessions."

Sam W.

Simply the best!

Tina said it first. But not about Vitamin C from Your Zooki.
This stuff is liquid gold. Easy to take and packs a massive punch. Thanks guys

Richard T. on 30 May 2019
Dr Nina
multi award winning celebrity aesthetician as seen on Body Fixers and ITV This Morning
"A groundbreaking collagen supplement...”

...for anyone looking to maintain or restore young looking hydrated skin and a healthy body. I now recommend it to every single one of my patients, especially if they are over 25. My advice is to incorporate Zooki in your morning daily routine: take 1 sachet per day, straight out of the fridge on an empty stomach - your skin will thank you.”

Matt Dawson
Ex England Rugby Player
“Turmeric Zooki has nailed it"

“I get up in the morning, have my breakfast and now that includes ripping open a sachet, 30 seconds and i’m loaded up with supplementation for the day. It gives me a spring in my step, I feel less stiff from the exercise that I’ve been doing, and throughout the day I feel there’s a more steady state in my gut health too.”

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