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Vitamin C Zooki

Vitamin C Zooki

Vitamin C like you've never seen before
High strength, easy absorption Vitamin C to support your immune system, energy levels and collagen formation; all packed into a delicious, on-the-go sachet
From €29,99

Available in 2 flavours

  • Citrus Orange
  • Watermelon

A King

of Zing

in 2 delicious flavours

Our immune supporting, fatigue fighting, collagen bolstering superstar

Is Vitamin C Zooki right for you?

Supporting you on those early mornings and late evenings


Show your skin some love by supporting collagen formation


We hate the sniffles too. Your immune system will thank you!


Supporting psychological function. Sudoku anyone?


A delicious fruity burst to curb those mid-day cravings


Grab-and-go sachets, to support even the busiest lifestyle

*Vitamin C supports the normal function of your immune system, psychological function and energy-yielding metabolism and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and contributes to normal collagen formation for normal function of bones, skin and teeth.

Directions for use

Vitamin C Zooki is nothing if not flexible

Straight from the sachet
Add to water
Add to food and smoothies
What are
natural lipids?

‘Natural lipids’ are how we refer to the layer of essential phospholipids that surround the nutrients in all Zooki products.

We wrap nutrients in the very same lipids that are found in the walls of your cells. These bodyguards form protective shields around the nutrients which deliver them directly into your system.

100% natural ingredients

We wrap Vitamin C in lipids using only 100% natural ingredients; we don't use alcohol solvents, such as ethanol, that are typically found in liquid supplements.

Unlike most Vitamin C which is sourced from genetically modified corn syrup, we use a process known as the "Smirnoff-Wheeler (SW) pathway". This is the exact same pathway that oranges use to make Vitamin C - keeping it natural!

and impact

When it comes to supplements, efficacy and enjoyment don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Each sachet of Vitamin C Zooki contains a powerful 1000mg of lipid-wrapped Vitamin C, formulated in Citrus Orange and Watermelon flavours. Take one sachet daily for targeted support, or two sachets on those days when you're feeling run-down.

Why we’re different
High strength
No mess
Natural ingredients
No binders or fillers
Hear from our customers

“5 stars - Highly recommend"

"I've tried a lot of supplements and highly recommend the Vitamin C. There was a noticeable change in my energy levels and I have so much more energy throughout the day. It also tastes amazing!”

 Tim H. on 23 Sep 2021

"Best Vitamin C"

“Best vitamin C I’ve ever took, amazing product that I’ll keep buying again.”

Helena R.
Elpida A. on 11 Oct 2021

"Best brand ever!"

Most incredible brand and brilliant quality of vit c. My go to when I am feeling slightly under the weather. A few sachets later and I’m fine! Have recommended to everyone I meet!

Natalie T. on 1 Nov 2021

"Zooki the best!"

Absolutely amazing feeling so energetic every morning! Also my skin is more brighter than ever! Taste is delicious! Thanks YourZooki! You are the best! I can’t wait to try collagen zooki!

Esra T. on 30 Nov 2020

"Brilliant vitamins thank you!"

Always great quality products and timely delivery system we are delighted with our vitamins and feel they make a huge difference. They have become an important part of our daily routine. Thank you

Rosie G. on 28 Oct 2021

Answers to your frequently asked questions

This is definitely a judgement call, however we recommend taking all Zooki products early in the day so you can feel the benefits as the day goes on.

There are a few things that make Vitamin C Zooki different. One of our main differentiators is how we go about formulating our products; you won’t find ethanol or artificial preservatives such as potassium sorbate. It also tastes amazing, which is definitely a new one for lipid-wrapped vitamins!

We always recommend pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 and individuals with known medical conditions to consult a medical professional before taking any new dietary supplements

It sure is! Vitamin C Zooki is made using only 100% natural, vegan, sustainably sourced ingredients, making it perfect for vegans

We use organic, plant-based glycerin derived from coconuts to keep the moisture content low, the sweet taste and the lipid vitamin c solution stable. We only use 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients and place particular emphasis on avoiding ingredients such as potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and alcohol.

Vitamin C Zooki is sugar free and perfectly suitable for diabetics

Vitamin C Zooki is generally safe for children, however we always recommend consulting with a medical professional before giving any dietary supplement to children under the age of 18. Young children under the age of 13 do not need a full sachet, and if they have too much it may temporarily upset their stomach. To manage how much to give to children, we recommend mixing with a small amount of water, adding it to yoghurt or giving it to them off a teaspoon. We recommend ages 4 - 8 have up to one teaspoon daily and children 8 - 13 have half a sachet.

We know it might be slightly confusing - it’s hard to imagine how we could make Zooki taste so good without artificial additives and sugars. However, despite the sweet taste, all Zooki products are completely free from sugars, artificial sweeteners and additives. Nothing but natural goodness and high impact nutrients! 

The sweetness you’re tasting could be the xylitol in our Zooki products, which is a naturally sweet compound found in fruits; however, unlike sugar, xylitol has a very low glycemic index and thus no effect on blood sugar levels!

Vitamin C Zooki is all of the above! Suitable for anybody and everybody, this Zooki is dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, soy free, and doesn’t contain any alcohol or solvents. And it’s vegan, too!




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