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Magnesium Zooki

Magnesium Zooki

1500mg magnesium glycinate per serving, of which 200mg is elemental magnesium

Your daily dose of Magnesium delivered in a ready-to-drink sachet, infused with pineapple and guava extracts and wrapped in lipids for magnificent absorbability and effectiveness

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Available in 1 flavours

  • Pineapple Guava
A multifaceted

It’s the frequently forgotten superstar mineral that activates over 300 biochemical processes around the body every single day. All about relaxation and making things easier for us, it can support better energy, mood, sleep, digestion & brain function; lower blood pressure and glucose levels; and at the same time build proteins, bones & muscles.

It’s the hard working, multi-tasking cog that keeps a multitude of wheels turning at the same time.

1500mg of magnesium per sachet

Each daily sachet of Magnesium Zooki contains 1500mg of magnesium bisglycinate, with an impressive 200mg of active magnesium per serving, wrapped in lipids for optimised absorption into the bloodstream.

Why we're different
Magnesium bisglycinate

Magnesium bisglycinate is the most well-tolerated and well-absorbed form of magnesium compared to magnesium citrate or magnesium oxide

Optimised absorption

Our pioneering lipid formulation supports optimal absorption into the bloodstream so you actually feel the benefits

Great taste

Magnesium Zooki is infused with natural pineapple and guava extracts for a magnificently tropical taste, mixed with water or straight from the sachet

What are the benefits of Magnesium?

Magnesium interacts with the bodies stress-response system, regulating HPA axis activity to reduce stress responses


Magnesium bisglycinate has an inhibitory effect on neurotransmitters, decreasing neuronal excitability to aid initiating sleep


Muscles need adequate magnesium to relax following muscle contraction, reducing the risk of muscle cramping and spasms


Studies suggest that magnesium can aid improved memory recall and overall improved cognitive function


Magnesium is essential for the production and use of ATP, the primary energy store for the cells in our body


Through it's ability to promote relaxation and dilation of the blood vessels, magnesium can be beneficial for reducing high blood pressure

Anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or taking regular medication should consult a medical professional before adding Magnesium to their daily routine

Can I take it with
Vitamin C Zooki?

Zooki products are designed to be taken together, so Magnesium Zooki can be taken with any and all other fellow Zooki products!

Directions for use

Take one sachet a day, store refrigerated or at room temperature

Straight from the sachet
Mix into smoothies & drinks
Add to food
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"Zooki supplements that we use have a profound effect on our health"

The benefits are noticeable both energetically, physically and healthwise.

Christine G. 29th March 2023

"Great products and flexible, friendly service"

Zooki always answers any communication with them promptly and efficiently. I like that I can put my subscription on hold easily and quickly when necessary.

Jan W. 24th March 2023


"...the customer service is absolutely outstanding! I love dealing with Zooki and will recommend to anyone."

Emily A. 23rd March 2023

"Great product, great service"

I feel my hair is definitely less course. My skin is definitely more luminous and smoother. My nails are now growing which is amazing and I generally feel less achy in my joints.

Beth L. on 11 Aug 2021

Answers to your frequently asked questions

Each sachet contains 1500mg of magnesium bisglycinate, with an impressive 200mg of active magnesium per sachet.

Magnesium Zooki is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and contains zero artificial ingredients. To see the full list, scroll up to the top of the page and click the "Nutritional information" link placed just above the price of the product.

Magnesium is an essential mineral found naturally in many foods and available as a dietary supplement. It plays a vital role in various physiological functions, including energy production, bone health, and maintaining normal nerve and muscle function.

Take one sachet daily, either straight from the sachet or add to water, juice, yoghurt and fruit.

We always recommend people who are pregnant or breastfeeding check with a medical professional before they take any new dietary supplement.

Magnesium Zooki contains magnesium bisglycinate, a form of magnesium which is better absorbed than other high street magnesium supplements which tend to use magnesium oxide or magnesium citrate.

Due to the increased absorption of magnesium bisglycinate, it is also less likely to cause loose stools - which is a common side effect of magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide supplements.

And just like all Zooki products, we've wrapped the magnesium in lipids to increase the transport and absorption of magnesium around the body.

Magnesium Zooki is perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Magnesium Zooki is free from gluten, soy, dairy and alcohol.




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