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Gut Biome Zooki

Gut Biome Zooki

Introduce your gut tribe to 35 billion new friends

Three hand-picked strains of bacteria present in a count of over 35 billion colony forming units, loaded into an oral syringe for extra safe keeping. A flora-enriching, biome-bolstering favourite

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Available in 1 flavours

  • Blueberry Lemon


35 billion

new friends...

Our biome-bolstering blueberry lemon flavoured favourite, containing:

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
Bifidobacterium Infantis
Bifidobacterium Animalis
Your gut is home to 100 trillion live bacteria!
Directions for use

Use the oral syringe to measure a 1ml serving onto a spoon each day

Straight from the spoon
Add to water
Add to food and smoothies
What are
natural lipids?

‘Natural lipids’ are how we refer to the layer of essential phospholipids that surround the nutrients in all Zooki products.

We wrap nutrients in the very same lipids that are found in the walls of your cells. These bodyguards form protective shields around the nutrients which deliver them directly into your system.

What is the gut microbiome?

The gut microbiome (referred to fondly here at Zooki as the Gut Tribe) is a community of trillions of different live bacteria that have set up shop in our gut. And it's a good thing they have, because they contribute to a whole range of basic physiological functions including our immune function, digestion and even our hormone production!

Can I take alongside
Vitamin C Zooki?

Gut Biome Zooki loves being taken alongside fellow Zooki products. It can be matched and paired with all other Zooki, however it pairs particularly well with Turmeric Zooki for a dynamic-duo of digestive support!

Why we’re different
High strength
No mess
Natural ingredients
No binders & fillers
Hear from our customers

"Probiotic that works!"

"I was desperate for something to help heal my gut. I’ve found it! The Gut Biome relieved my symptoms in 5 days and in ten, they had gone. So glad I’ve found zooki!"

Joanna F. on 3 Sep 2021


"These products are fantastic. I have everyone I know hooked on it now too."

Tim H. on 23 Sep 2021
Thomas R. on 25 Aug 2021

Works amazingly"

"This product is just as it says, easy to take, taste is good and at the moment it feels like it works.”

Ian F. on 3 Sep 2021

"Feels good Tastes even better"

Have had great service from Zooki

Jill L. on 28 Oct 2021
Michelle H. on 28 Oct. 21

Answers to your frequently asked questions

Yes, Gut Biome Zooki is free from gluten, soy, alcohol and sugar!

Gut Biome Zooki contains lactoferrin, which is a protein found in milk that promotes the colonisation of the live bacteria in the gut, so this product is unfortunately not suitable for vegans.

1ml a day of Gut Biome Zooki is the standard daily dose. It’s packaged in an oral syringe, which makes it really easy to measure out onto a spoon!

We pack it into an oral syringe to protect the integrity of the product and prevent oxidation. In order to ensure that it doesn't denature, it's best to be kept airtight before use.

We have hand-picked three different strains of bacteria; Lactobacillus Casei. Sub Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Infantis and Bifidobacterium Animalis Subsp. Lactis. These little guys are present in the billions in Gut Biome Zooki; 35 billion CFU to be exact!

Gut Biome Zooki is generally safe for children, however we always recommend consulting with a medical professional before giving any dietary supplement to children under the age of 18.

We always recommend pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 and individuals with a known medical condition consult a medical professional before taking any new dietary supplement.




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