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Zooki now available in WHSmith meal deal

In WHSmiths across the UK, you’re now able to make your lunchtime meal deal “snack” a Vitamin CVitamin D or Turmeric Zooki sachet. As far as we're aware, this is the first time a supplement has ever been included in a UK meal deal. 

Our co-founder Jack sums it up nicely, “We’re so excited to partner with WHSmith as a snack in their meal deal and give customers a healthier alternative to the chocolate bars and crisps they’re used to having as part of their lunch.”

While it's the first time Zooki has been included in a meal deal, Zooki is stocked across the globe: Boots, Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic, Harrods, Selfridges and John Bell & Croyden (the Queen’s pharmacist) in the UK, and GNC in America. 

Zooki products available at WHSmith

Vitamin C Zooki

Vitamin C Zooki is a great-tasting, grab-and-go vitamin C supplement for targeted support of your immune system, energy and collagen formation. We wrap the vitamin C in natural lipids - the same things that make up your cells - to shield, protect and deliver it straight to your system.

With 100% natural, sugar-free ingredients, it now comes in two tasty flavours: citrus orange and watermelon.

Turmeric Zooki

Turmeric Zooki is a high-strength turmeric shot in a delicious, fruity flavour made from natural tangerine extracts. 

Curcumin - the active compound in turmeric - is naturally hard to absorb, but we wrap it in micelles, which are bubbles made up from a single layer of natural lipids, to aid absorption. 

In a 4-week consumer trial conducted with active people...

  • 92% were happy with the results after 4 weeks
  • 88% had increased energy levels
  • 86% had improved recovery in between exercise
  • 82% had improved performance during exercise
  • 82% had improved fitness and endurance
  • 85% had less stiff & achy joints after an active day

Vitamin D Zooki

Our mixed berry Vitamin D Zooki helps to support your immune system, bones, teeth and muscles. Sugar-free, vegan-friendly and naturally-flavoured, it's a tasty, easy-to-take supplement that can be enjoyed straight from the sachet, in smoothies and more. 




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