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Matt Dawson talks England rugby & nutrition as an athlete

The latest addition to Team Zooki and the new Turmeric Zooki ambassador is ex-England Rugby captain and World Cup winner Matt Dawson. When he came into the office to meet the team, we interviewed him at a podcast studio to find out all about his exciting rugby career...and The Zooki Podcast was born! 

The first-ever Zooki podcast sees Matt Dawson interviewed by founders Jack Morrison and Marcus Mollinga. Since Zooki was born out of Marcus' search for an alternative to the bad-tasting Omega 3 capsules he was prescribed for a rugby injury, it's very fitting to have Matt as our first podcast guest.

In this podcast, ex-England rugby captain Matt Dawson talks Zooki founders Jack and Marcus through his early life, how he first got into rugby (because his parents really loved hanging out at the rugby club), the awful food he ate as a rugby player - he recalls the whey protein tasting like the equivalent of the dust on the podcast studio floor - and his take on nutrition and habit-building as an athlete. He gives us the lowdown on how he prepared for and recovered from huge matches like the World Cup final, as well as what he’s been up to since!

For those of you who don't know, Matt played for both the Northampton Saints and London Wasps, and was part of England's 2003 Rugby World Cup-winning side. He was well known for his trademark 'sniping runs' and playing the whistle well. Since retiring from rugby in 2006, you will have seen him on BBC's Question of Sport as a team captain, and he took part in Strictly Come Dancing and MasterChef.

As someone who exercises frequently, Matt has become a big fan of our high-absorption Turmeric supplement, Turmeric Zooki. In a 4-week consumer trial with active people…

  • 92% were happy with the results after 4 weeks
  • 88% had increased energy levels
  • 86% had improved recovery in between exercise
  • 82% had improved performance during exercise
  • 82% had improved fitness and endurance
  • 85% had less stiff & achy joints after an active day

Matt reckons things in the nutrition world have moved on a lot since his professional rugby playing days, and that supplements like Turmeric Zooki have a part to play in that.

WATCH the podcast below:

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