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Join the waiting list for the new Hair Zooki to get early access, be in with a chance to win a 3-month supply and receive a free stainless steel Zooki tumbler with your first order. It’s a no-brainer, really!

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Brand NEW Hair Zooki!

Sick of shampoos that don’t make a difference and hair masks that disappoint? It’s time to make haircare an internal affair with the brand new Hair Zooki available in three delicious flavours: Raspberry Ripple, Tropical and Blueberry. 

Hair Zooki contains a highly absorbable blend of Biotin (1000mcg), Zinc (10mg) and Selenium (55mcg) delivered using Zooki’s special Lipo-shield™. We've wrapped these hair-nourishing nutrients with natural lipids - the same things that make up your cells - to shield the nutrients through digestion and into your system.

This superstar supplement is ideal for anyone looking to support and promote hair growth and nourishment from within. Whatever your hair type or gender, Hair Zooki is a simple and healthy addition to your haircare routine.

While most people take Biotin for the hair benefits, its goodness doesn’t stop there. Our Biotin, Zinc and Selenium complex also supports the health of your skin and nails, making it an all-in-one that’s not to be missed.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Hair Zooki is vegan-friendly and free from sugar, alcohol, dairy, soy, gluten and GMOs.

What do I get by joining the waiting list?

  1. Get early access to Hair Zooki before the official launch on the 12th of December
  2. Be in with the chance to win a 3 month supply, in a flavour of your choice
  3. Get a free, re-usable, stainless steel Zooki tumbler with your first order (available in Pink, Yellow, Blue and Orange)!

Join the waiting list




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